Data analysis with R handbook

Receptury w R

Together with Mateusz Zawisza we have published a book (in polish)

Receptury w R. Podręcznik dla ekonomistów

about data analysis using GNU R.

It can be bought online at Oficyna Wydawnicza SGH.

On this website you can dowlnoad

data sets and codes of procedures used in the book.

Julia Express

I am maintaining a consise Julia language introductory manual for programmers.

You can download its current version here.

WSE - Warsaw Simulation Engine


Warsaw Simulation Engine is a library written in Python 3.3.2 that allows to run discrete event simulations. It includes a set of example simulations using it.

WSE Releases

Version 1.0


Together with Przemyslaw Szufel we take part in development of Project PyCX.

It is a simple simulation environment written in Python.